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Found 21 results

  1. Netflix Configs Capture:YES Bot: 100 a 200 Cpm:500 a 1k+ Proxy:Yes, Rotativas usa Combo:E:P DESCARGA: https://upfiles.com/2eXXwAMz
  2. Nueva Config NETFLIX [20/09/22] ⚡ Para SilverBullet CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/b465s6vz0cv4
  3. Nueva Config Directv GO [21/09/22] Para SilverBullet Proxies Latinos (Recomendado) Si deseas aportar algo mas para la comunidad comentalo abajo CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/gca6cr7zjx84
  4. Config VIX+ Full Captura [22/09/22] Bots: 100 - 200 Proxies: Free o HQ (Latinos Recomendados) Para SilverBullet Captura: Si CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/txtzdfzpu5eo DEJA TU LIKE PARA MAS CONTENIDO GRATIS
  5. Config Disney Plus Full CPM [Proxies Free - Proxyless] BOTS: 50-155 PROXIES: Free - HQ o Proxyless (VPN en Italia) Captura: Si Para Silverbullet CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/i87i9pzj27g8 DEJA TU LIKE PARA MAS CONTENIDO GRATIS
  6. Config DAZN Full Captura BOTS: 100 - 200 PROXIES: Free o HQ COMBO: Email:Pass CAPTURA: Si PARA SILVER BULLET CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/fh90wqnp3emz
  7. Config Paramount+ PROXIES: Free - HQ COMBO: Email-Pass CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/ab6h6mueh7mv
  8. NBA Configs Capture:YES Bot: 100 Cpm:1000+ Proxy:Yes, Combo:E:P DESCARGA: https://upfiles.com/EmuL
  9. HMA Vpn Configs Capture:YES Bot: 150 Cpm:2000+ Proxy:Yes, Combo:E:P DESCARGA: https://upfiles.com/Faro5q
  10. Config Steam Captura Balance + Juegos COMBO: Solo USER:PASS BOTS: 80-100 PROXIES: Si (FREE o HQ) CAPTURA: SI (Balance + Juegos) CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/x6v9qda7wr98 DEJA TU LIKE PARA MAS CONFIGS GRATIS
  11. SilverBullet v1.1.2 [ULTIMA VERSION] DESCARGA: https://github.com/mohamm4dx/SilverBullet/releases/download/1.1.2/SilverBullet.v1.1.2.rar
  12. Config Spotify Con Captura 2022 ⚡FAST CPM⚡ Solo funciona en SilverBullet 📢 No necesita proxies Bots: 5-100 INSTRUCCIONES Copia los archivos ( data ) a la carpeta ( bin ) en silverbullet Copia ( SpotifyPlugin.dll & SpotifyPlugin.pdb ) en la carpeta plugins en silverbullet DESCARGA: https://www.upload-4ever.com/yj147otmoooj
  13. Config Star Plus API Full Captura USAR VPN O PROXIES HQ Para OpenBullet o SilverBullet CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/lt77fljk8baw DALE LIKE Y COMPARTE EL FORO PARA SUBIR CONFIGS GRATIS
  14. Config StarzPlay API Full Captura CONFIG: https://www.file-upload.com/2gxvw11xr1z7
  15. Config Pureflix API Proxyless ⚡FULL CPM⚡ Para OpenBullet - SileverBullet Capture: Yes Captcha: No API: Yes (Ios) Combo Type: Mail:Pass Proxy: No (Proxyless) High CPM Auto Save: No CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/b7s6tbnuec9x
  16. Config BLUE TO GO MX API ⚡FULL CPM⚡ CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/f8eqq6fe42wg DEJA TU LIKE PARA MAS CONTENIDO GRATIS
  17. Config MovistarPlay Peru CONFIG: https://www.file-upload.com/n9a3c7p24pt1
  18. Config Deezer Proxyless Full Captura ⭐FAST CPM⭐ Proxies: No Bots: 100 - 200 Combo: Email:Pass CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/3ett3vdu7rkb
  19. CONFIG PICSART PREMIUM ⚡FAST CPM ⚡ PROXIES: FREE/HQ COMBO: Email:Pass CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/xwlabwl8qmkl like para más contenido 🙂
  20. CONFIG MINECRAFT ⚡ FULL CAPTURA ⚡ - Optifine Cape Combo: Email:Pass Proxies: HQ Proxies Capture: Si CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/eel44zg2y8lr
  21. Config Plex TV 2022 Full Captura CONFIG: https://www.upload-4ever.com/j1efod7vnx11
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